2019 homozygous Black Filly


Naizah de Shayan is by Shayan de Magnifique and out of Nada al Khalediah. She has inherited the best of both lines, showy attitude, movement for 20, elegance and charisma, lovely black eyes, an exotic face, toped off by the most extreme ears you have ever seen on a black. Naizah has been showed trained and we look forward to see her follow her sires footsteps in the showing in her new home in China. 
Shayan de Magnifique, has received international attention by breeders around the world. As one of the most successful black sons of his renowned sire Magic Magnifique, he won several champion titles in the show ring. Shayan is out of DB Shanwa by Pryam el Jamaal, a truly elegant mare that brings a lot of refinement, movement and charisma into his lines. 
Nada al Khalediah is out of Lahsa el Jamaal a perfect combination of El Shaklan and Ali Jamaal, and by Abha Infi, a very exotic black Arabian Stallion. Nada was bred by the prestigious Al Khalediah Stud of Saudi Arabia. Nada has bred several very successful horses both in the show ring as well as the racing arena. Nada has had an equally exciting black full sister to Naizah de Shayan in 2020 who we named Naylah de Shayan. 

Magic Magnifique 

True Colors

Magic Mon Amour 

Shayan de Magnifique 

Pryam el Jamaal 

DB Shanwa by Pryam

Shahteyna el Shaklan 

Naizah de Shayan 

R Ali Bey 

Abha Ifni

Abha Zenobia 

Nada al Khalediah 

Ali Jamaal 

Lahsa el Jamaal 

Lakmee el Shaklan